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The Bike Cop

In The Greater Weight of Evidence

Port Talbot is a tourist trap in the “summah” located on the southern coast of Maine. The wealth and pedigree of the summer folk is legendary with their cottages on the rocky bluffs. The population quadruples from June to September. The traffic snarls around the cedar-shingled shops in the port, bringing things to a standstill. Enter the college-aged bicycle policeman. In the summer of ’77, the chief of police has chosen David “Digger” Davenport, the son of one of the richest summer families who winter in Lake Placid, New York.

Digger’s history of solving crime starts in chapter one in a flashback to when he was eleven years old and when he went fishing alone and hooked the partially decomposed body of the chef of the Brigantine Hotel. From this experience, as he matures, he develops a penchant for solving crime and enrolls in courses and trainings in college that prepare him for the calamity that lies ahead in his summer job as Port Talbot’s bike cop.

For Digger, the summer of ’77 starts as it should in this quaint seaside village: tons of college kids working in the resort hotels who are looking for love in all the right places. He meets “the Virginians” on the first day of his beat in Dock Square. They cause a traffic jam in their yellow VW bug convertible. The Virginians are gorgeous coeds escaping the heat and heartbreak at home in Richmond.

The townies say the winter in Port Talbot is “wicked cold” and deadly. Unfortunately, the summer now, too, turns deadly and just plain wicked. Janie, one of the Virginians, who is a waitress at the biggest and best hotel, the Brigantine, is found dead on the beach by hotel guests. Quickly a suspect is arrested: a black bellhop from Florida. Port Talbot is thrown into turmoil on multiple levels: north versus south, white versus black, summer folk versus townies, and the lobstah mobstahs versus the candidates for sheriff and district attorney.



“I love Jamie Bruner’s Bike Cop series. It’s authentic Maine. Anyone who has worked a summer job

in a tourist town will love being transported back in this exciting thriller. Digger is a doll!”

– Dorothy Walker Bush Koch, New York Times best selling author, Co-Chair Barbara Bush Literacy Foundation


“Bruner hooks the reader (pun intended) from the fi rst page, weaving a tale that is part mystery,

part nostalgia and sense of place. It is a wonderful story. I could smell the tide with his well-crafted

sentences. Humor, lobstah, murder and summer, what else could a reader want?”

– Lee Woodruff , New York Times best-selling author, Contributing Reporter CBS Th is Morning


“We need more Digger Davenports in this world. A fun and fast read”

– Peter Schweizer, President, Government Accountability Institute, Author of multiple New Yok Times best-selling books.

“Attorney Bruner’s story is a compelling story of intrigue and confrontation of stereotypes. His sensitivity

to matters of faith, race, and justice as they are interwoven in a thrilling plot line is a joy to read. It is

a real page turner. Move over Mr. Grisham!”

– Hon. Kimberly Daniels, Florida Representative (Dem. Jacksonville), Author and Apostle


“James shows us that nostalgia is a whole new genre! He takes us to the places we have been in

our lives but hijacks us into a plot that is out of this world. A book for anyone who longs to spend

summers at the seashore.”

– Kathy Ostrander Roberts, Author, Realtor, Kennebunk Historian


The Bike Cop in...

The Bike Cop in…